1.   Assistance Scheme for Handicrafts Artisans (ASHA)

             The Assistance Scheme for Handicrafts Artisans( ASHA) replaced the existing Scheme “Entrepreneur Assistance Scheme in Handicrafts” and aims to bring the artisans in the handicrafts sector under the ambit of a Single Scheme for availing financial assistance in the form of grant assistance for setting up handicraft enterprises.

The Assistance Scheme for Handicraft artisans intends to

i)Provide extensive Support to Artisans in the Handicrafts Sector for setting up Handicrafts-based micro enterprises.
ii)Give one time support (grant) to eligible artisans of the state as a back end assistance.

The key features of the Schemes are

1)   The Scheme envisages extending one-time assistance to Artisans who set up a micro enterprise in the handicrafts sector.

2)   The support will be extended as a back-end financial assistance in the form of grant upon commissioning of the enterprise and after filing EM Part II/ Udyog Adhar.

3)   40% of the expenditure on Fixed Capital Investments (FCI) subject to a ceiling of Rs.2 lakhs and 50% of the expenditure on fixed capital Investment for women, SC/ST and young artisans subject to a ceiling of Rs.3 lakhs will be given as assistance

4)   The principal elements of Fixed Capital Investment include the cost of constructing work shed/workshop, essential tools, equipment, machinery and accessories and electrification. Technology transfer fees/consultancy charge/Product/Design development charges will be considered for financial assistance.

5)   The Artisan has to apply in the prescribed format with copies of bills/vouchers/invoice/assessments in support of the investments claimed as FCI.

6)   The applicant should be enrolled as an artisan/craftsman under the office of the Development Commissioner (Handicrafts) or Surabhi, HDCK Ltd., KELPALM, KSBC, KADCO.

7)   There is no fee charged for applying for assistance.
8)   General Manager, District Industries Centre will be the sanctioning authority. The amount will be disbursed through bank.

Guidelines and Application Form for the Assistance under ASHA - DOWNLOAD

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